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Links to similar projects
The project Primas

PRIMAS is an international project which promotes the implementation and use of inquiry-based learning in mathematics and science. PRIMAS provides materials for direct use in class and for professional development.

The project LEMA

LEMA was an EU Comenius funded project which supported the implementation of application and modeling into mathematics lessons. The homepage contains materials for professional development and tasks.

The project Math2earth

Math2Earth was a Comenius project devoted to developing materials suitable for mathematics and science education at upper primary and secondary schools. Five partners have published a book on various topics of mathematics and science, situated in everyday contexts. The book is multilingual, but the core materials are available in English.

The project DynaMAT

DynaMAT is a Comenius project, focused on a dynamical approach to various mathematical topics, suitable for secondary schools and prospective mathematics teachers education. The use of ICT and dynamical software is essential.

EU Key Competences

In 2006, the European Parliament and the Council decided about key competences for lifelong learning. Among the eight key competences is one about mathematical and scientific competence and also one about ICT competence. The COMPASS materials fit these competences. The key competences can be found on the website

EU Key Competences

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