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Cyprus University of Technology, Cyprus
The Cyprus University of Technology (CUT) is a newly established state university in Cyprus, which aims to provide teaching and research at the highest international standards. The University aims to be research-led and places particular emphasis on establishing an appropriate environment and infrastructure to promote and support innovation and development. In particular, it is noted that the annual expenses of CUT for Research and Development (R&D) for 2007 have exceeded 1.4 million euros. Members of the Engineering Education Innovation Research Unit (EEIRU) at the University have been involved in a number of national, European and international research projects. In a number of these projects, teacher training programs have been designed and implemented in fields related to science, technology, engineering and mathematics, with a particular focus on interdisciplinary contexts and the use of ICT in inquiry-based learning and problem solving.
Dr. Nicholas Mousoulides
He has been working as a researcher and lecturer in mathematics education since 2001. His expertise in designing and implementing pre-service and in-service materials and training courses on problem solving, on integrating mathematics and science in solving engineering context problems and the integration of ICT in mathematics education makes him an excellent leader of the WP which develops materials for the use of ICT.

He is also co-director of the Engineering Education Innovation Research Unit at his institution. He is on the editorial board of the Journal “The Montana Mathematics Enthusiast” and is a reviewer for several journals. He has participated in 12 international projects (e.g. DALEST, CALEGO; while working at Univ.of Cyprus).
Prof. Toula Onoufriou
Prof. Toula Onoufriou (Bachelor in Science, PhD Civil Engineering, Head of the Department of the Civil Engineering and Geomatics) is Professor of Infrastructure, Reliability and Management and Director of the Engineering Education Innovation Research Unit at the CUT. She was also the founder and head of the multi-disciplinary research centre on Infrastructure Reliability and Management at the University of Surrey (UK) and she has led several research and development projects. She leads a number of pioneering developments on cutting edge technology.

She has been involved in a number of projects related to teacher professional development in interdisciplinary problem solving in engineering contexts.
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