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Utrecht University, Netherlands
Utrecht University is a research university comprising seven faculties, which collectively span the entire academic spectrum in teaching and research. In the Shanghai Ranking, Utrecht University ranks 1st in the Netherlands, 9th in Europe and 47th worldwide.

The Freudenthal Institute for Science and Mathematics Education of Utrecht University aims to understand and improve the teaching and learning of mathematics and science at all levels. On the national level, FIsme is recognized by the Dutch Ministry of Education as national centre of expertise for mathematics education, and also as partner in the national expert centres for teacher training in mathematics and science. These aim to disseminate findings from educational research and curriculum innovation in the fields of primary and secondary education. In addition, the institute is largely involved in activities that are supported by the government through the Platform Bèta Techniek.
Dr. Michiel Doorman
M. Doorman is engaged in various projects on the connection between science and mathematics education and on interdisciplinary learning, most of which include working directly with teachers (from small to large scale). His dissertation focused on an interdisciplinary approach to teaching and learning the basic principles of kinematics and calculus in physics and mathematics respectively (Doorman, 2005).

He is chief editor of the national magazine on research into science and mathematics education (TDBeta). Currently, he is involved in the international MACAS network on connections between mathematics, arts and sciences. For the second MACAS conference he was invited as plenary speaker.
Ir Henk van der Kooij
Henk van der Kooij is a senior staff member of the FI. He was project coordinator of TWIN (a mathematics and science innovative curriculum for vocational education, with embedded technology tools like internet java applets, developed in 1999-2003). A special interest is the relation between competencies and mathematical skills, with regard to a threefold qualification: for an occupation, for further (vocational) education and for citizenship. Van Der Kooij works at the Freudenthal institute as a researcher, at the Utrecht School of Education as a mathematics teacher trainer. He is a coordinator for mathematics and science for the Dutch National Committee (Cevo) in charge of central examinations. Van Der Kooij’s special interest is getting high standard integrated examination possibilities for mathematics and science skills.
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