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Constantine the Philosopher University in Nitra, Slovakia
At the Faculty of Natural Sciences students can study mathematics and science, to become both teachers and scientists. In-service teachers can attain degrees in pedagogy and natural sciences.

The faculty has been very successful in obtaining projects related to the professional development of teachers and interdisciplinary and inquiry-based learning and problem solving. For example, within the project DISCI (Discover the World of Science) more than 120 students from schools attended courses in mathematics and science. As part of the European projects "A-CENTRUM for the 21st Century" and "" teachers received training. Between 2006 and 2008, 557 teachers attended the training courses. The faculty also organizes biannual open days for students.

Most faculty members participate regularly in (inter)national conferences and publish papers. They are also experienced in the organisation of conferences and participate in different (inter)national networks.
Dr. Janka Melusova
Janka Melusova has participated in many research and educational projects in Mathematics and Science Education, e.g. in national projects “Discover the world of science” & “Let’s Teach Mathematics Interestingly” and the international projects MOTIVATE ME or Math2Earth. She has organized several workshops on the use of ICT in Mathematics education and popularization lectures about the use of mathematics in computer science for secondary students.

She also is one of authors of a collection of application tasks in mathematics, presenting her work at several national and international conferences.
Prof. Dr. Sona Ceretkova
Sona Ceretkova works as an associated professor in mathematics education. The main focus of her pedagogical work is in mathematics problems solving competences and didactics of mathematics. She is oriented to the field of mathematical problem posing, elementary mathematical models and mathematical texts and language analysis and comparison in her scientific work. She is PhD students in mathematics education supervisor and experienced national and international project manager.
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